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The Busiest Pedestrian Crossing in the World: Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

This is a video in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood, where during rush hour, as many as 2,500 people cross the street at

The Christmas Market at Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg is a stunning small town packed full of medieval history.

Top 10 Cretan Food Specialties You Must Try

Here are the top 10 specialties of Cretan food that we recommended you should try.

Kangaroo Valley, NSW: Stay, See & Eat

Located only two hours from

Tokaido Trail: Japan in 10 days

The Tokaido road was once the most important highway of the samurai, linking Edo (modern-day Tokyo)

Crossing Vietnam in a Month by Motorcycle!

We bought a motorcycle for only $200 in Saigon, and drove the lenght of the country of Vietnam!

Indochina Encompassed

One of the great joys of a trip that combines the three countries of Indochina is discovering the contrasts that exis

Winter Walk in Bavaria, Germany

Many times as travelers we get caught up in seeing the big amazing things that everyone knows about and dreams of see

Arlberg Giro, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Yoga in St. Anton, Austria

In this video we head back to St. Anton am Arlberg in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

SUP'ing, Golfing & High Ropes in Ljubljana, Kamnik, Slovenia

This vlog is part of a vlog series exploring activites, landscape and the cultural and culinary treats of

Tasting Ljubljana and Exploring the Traditional Slovenian Cuisine

In this video we take you back to Ljubljana,


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