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Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Cebu Philippines

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Cebu Philippines is one of the countries top resorts and one of the largest privatel

Cebu's Amazing Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is one of the largest festivals held in Cebu Philippines.

Canyoneering in Cebu Philippines

One of the top adventures to do in the Philippines is the canyoneering in Cebu.

Cebu Ocean Park - The Largest Oceanarium in the Philippines

Cebu Ocean Park is one of the island's newest attractions boasting the largest oceanarium in the country.

Bai Hotel Cebu Philippines

The bai Hotel in Cebu (Mandaue) is one of Cebu's best hotels.

Winter in Paris: A Unique Guide to Exploring the City of Lights

Winter time in Paris is no secret, the lights, the sounds and festive events are reason enough to book the next fligh

The Dead Sea & Amman, Jordan Guide

The Dead Sea in Jordan is a natural wonder not to be missed. Why?

Montezuma Castle - A Captivating Cliff Dwelling in Arizona

Montezuma Castle is one of Arizona’s many historical treasures - it’s a captivating cliff dwelling located about 1.5

Ministers Island in New Brunswick, Canada

Located near St. Andrews, New Brunswick Ministers Island is a fascinating road trip excursion.

What is the Krampuslauf?

I’m certainly not the only one who has been wondering what a Krampuslauf is all about and how on earth it’s relevant

One of Italy's Best Day Hikes is near Cinque Terre

The Ligurian coast boasts some of the most scenic hiking trails in all of Italy, including the well-beaten pa

Ljubljana, Slovenia – A Look at the City, Food and Region

Ljubljana, Slovenia took me by surprise. It had almost been a decade since my last visit and so much


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