Why to be proud of The Travel Talk on Twitter - #TTOT!

Why to be proud of The Travel Talk on Twitter - #TTOT!

This article is about what WE have achieved!

The Travel Talk on Twitter is THE biggest weekly travel event on Twitter!

A pat on your back!

This was only possible, because the Twitter travel community decided to get it there. We've created an event, which is run by the community!

We've created a real Social Media Travel Event!

#TTOT is the best example that it's possible to reach thousands of travelers worldwide in a social get-together! Travelers, bloggers, PR agencies, airlines, hotels, car rentals... Everybody interested in travel meet up for a single purpose:

The Passion For Travel

Every single week there are around 70,000 #TTOT tweets, 40,000 retweets, which create around 400,000,000 impressions! All those travel tweets have an estimated reach of 970,275,075 accounts on Twitter in 30 days!
(tracked with Brandwatch and Radian6)

Just to get you back on the floor... If someone tries to tell you what this number is worth...
It's worth NOTHING! :)

Travelers join events like #TTOT, as they are looking to socialize with each other, not to get a special deal for this or that. It's about the fun sharing experiences and everybody can be part of it. And the best is... For Free!

And exactly that is the reason why we should be proud of it! We've created together the most popular travel chat on Twitter and there are no profit orientated strategies behind it!

Give yourselve a pat on your back!

Well done!

Next mission: Make #TTOT the leading travel hashtag on Twitter!

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If you are interested in how and why #TTOT started, read: