Wait! Before you book, how good will that destination look on Instagram?

Wait! Before you book, how good will that destination look on Instagram?

According to a new piece of research, two-fifths of millennials choose their holiday destination based on how 'Instagrammable' the holiday pics will be!

It seems that the drive to have the perfect online life is starting to affect real life decisions, with over 40% of millennials admitting that the number one deciding factor when choosing where to holiday is how their holiday will appear to their friends and family once it is uploaded to social networking sites, specifically Instagram.

The survey of over 1000 UK adults aged between 18 and 33 was undertaken by holiday home insurance company Schofields Insurance. Asked to identify their prime motivator, the results in order of popularity were:

  1. How 'Instagrammable' the holiday will be – 40.1%
  2. Cost/Availability of alcohol – 24%
  3. Personal development – 22.6%
  4. Chances to experience the local cuisine – 9.4%
  5. Opportunities for sightseeing – 3.9%

Commenting on the findings, Phil Schofield, Head of Inbound Marketing at Schofields said:

"I have to admit to being a little astonished by these results. We have recently seen a lot of news coverage around how millennials are making more and more decisions guided by how their life would appear online and so we thought we would see how much they let their portrayed social media presence affect their real life. To see how the holiday snaps appear online being identified as the number one reason to choose a holiday destination really did take us all a little bit by surprise."

Are you surprised?

(Image: My Instagram of Aldeburgh beach, East Anglia, UK. Does it make you want to go there?)