Travel Bloggers Give Back - Use Your Blog To Make a Difference!

Travel Bloggers Give Back - Use Your Blog To Make a Difference!

Bret from asked himself: “What else could we do to help make the world a better place this holiday season?”

He had a great idea...

Bret explains the concept: "We will use our time and energy to convince as many travel bloggers as we possibly can to post stories on their sites between now and Christmas Day about their favorite charity organizations. The goal? To use the power of our collective voice to convince our readers to give whatever they can to the charities nearest and dearest to our hearts."

How do you like that one? I love it!

There are so many charities I would like to support and I personally do support a few every month. But there is one, which I just love and support regularly. It's the work of Greenpeace!

As you know, they act global and they have a big variety of topics. But they also drive attention to what they do with their actions. This attention in the media is important!

I believe that people are really good at heart... or at least most. ;-)

I believe that if you get informed and you get the story and the extra information of a topic, you'll act!

This action looks different with each person, but I'm sure each person acts! Maybe you won't buy a companies' products or you might stop eating meat/fish. Maybe you will take part in a demonstration next time you hear about it. Perhaps you got a few bucks to donate... or you keep that information in your mind and will talk about it with your friends.

Whatever you do, just do it!

Greenpeace acts and they got my support!

Yours as well? Get involved and/or help with a donation.


Who do you support? Leave a link and comment beneath!

Get in action! Start with spreading the word!

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