Gen Z Travellers Have Visited More Foreign than Domestic Destinations

Gen Z Travellers Have Visited More Foreign than Domestic Destinations

At least British ones have! And that makes them rather better travelled than their grandparents!

The UK hotel chain, Best Western Great Britain has commissioned a survey¹ of 2,000 UK adults, asking about their travel habits and the main influences on their choice of holiday destination.

It turns out that travellers aged 18-24 have visited more overseas destinations in the last five years than they have in the UK. This generation, on average, has visited four places overseas, while only visiting two locations in their home country.

Across the whole sample, one in four people surveyed (25%) say they have visited three UK destinations in the past five years, whilst a similar amount (24%) said that they haven’t visited any overseas destinations, suggesting that UK tourism is still alive and well, despite global travel taking priority among younger travellers.

But here's the striking contrast...

People aged over 55 years are the most likely to have not visited a destination abroad in the last five years (29%). This decision could be down to the price difference between a UK and international break, with this age group stating price as the main influence that persuades them to visit a UK tourist destination, but it seems likely there are other reasons too, such as Nostalgia.


The Top 10 influences (for all age groups) on booking a UK break are:

  • Price (54%)
  • Attractions/landmarks (52%)
  • Views (49%)
  • Hotels / accommodation (39%)
  • Weather (39%)
  • Food and drink (29%)
  • Culture (23%)
  • Accessibility i.e. good transport links (22%)
  • Proximity to home (19%)
  • Nostalgia (19%)

It's interesting that "views" should be the third most influential factor at 49%. Could this be the impact of the selfie/instagram generations (Y & Z)?


The correlation that is perhaps the most interesting of all, is that between the generations' travel experience and Britain's infamous Brexit vote².

61% of 18-24 yr men and 80% of 18-24 yr women (IE well travelled Gen Z) voted to remain in Europe.


61% of 50-64 yr males and 62% of 65+ males, together with 60% of 50-64 yr females and 66% of 65+ females (IE stay-at-home "Baby Boomers") voted to leave.

Controversial but true. Travel really does broaden the mind!


¹ Survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by Onepoll on behalf of Best Western Great Britain in May.
² 2016 Brexit Referendum Results from Statistics Portal