FlightHub Conducts Study,  Adventure Travel is the Next Big Trend

FlightHub Conducts Study,  Adventure Travel is the Next Big Trend

FlightHub.com, experts in travel bookings and trends, have released internal statistics that show that travelers are getting excited about do-it-yourself trips.

Do-it-yourself trips are on the rise due in part to the emergence of websites that promote the sharing economy but mostly due to a major increase in outbound adventure travel. According to a consumer report conducted by George Washington University and the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association), adventure travel has gone from being a small niche segment of the travel/tourism industry to an industry worth over $263 billion. Adventure travel has increased 65% per annum since 2009 and there are no signs of it slowing down.

FlightHub.com recently conducted a survey that asked Canadian travellers where they were most interested in traveling to and found that North America was the least interesting location (3.57%) followed by the Caribbean (12.29%) —a huge drop considering the Caribbean scored the top position in 2010. Top locations this year are Europe at 41.18% and South America at 18.21%. A combined total of 84.14% saw that most respondents are interested in visiting more cultural and even exotic locations found in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Consumers are no longer interested in spending full weeks at the beach. The survey results point out that they would instead spend one or two days on a beach and spend the remainder of their trip touring museums, visiting ancient ruins, and eating at delicious restaurants. It’s for this reason that 67.2% of travelers now prefer to book their flights separately instead of booking an all-inclusive trip.

Online travel agencies like FlightHub are starting to feature deals to more exotic locations in order to increase accessibility to their savvy, increasingly adventurous Canadian travelers. Since January 1, 2015 travelling to the Caribbean represented only 2.26% of FlightHub.com’s total sales whereas European travel constituted a huge 28.3%.

This demonstrates that while a white sandy beach is still interesting to travellers, it isn’t the only thing that inspires travel anymore. To many, the idea of driving a 4-wheeler up stratovolcanoes like Mount Vesuvius is far more intriguing than 7 days straight of sipping piña-coladas.


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