Exploring Shutterbee's New Travel App

Exploring Shutterbee's New Travel App

For those who loves to travel, love to document their adventures through photography, and/or love to live vicariously through others who travel avidly, this post is for you. I’m reviewing one of the newest ways to share travel tips and photos in a clean and organized fashion, right from your phone.

Shutterbee is an online app (compatible with iOS 8.0 or later) which allows you to upload and share trip photos with your friends, colour your world map as you travel and share tips with other travellers around the world. You can keep your own travel log with HD photos, cell phone photos or simply through basic check-ins. You can find the newest hidden gems directly around the corner. You can find, follow and chat with others who are a part of Shutterbee, and instantly share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Swarm.

You’ll find all that information and more directly on the app homepage, but I’m here to tell you a bit more about my experience with Shutterbee app.


Shutterbee.com Review

The way you use the Shutterbee app will vary, it certainly depends on how you travel and how often you travel. As an avid traveller, I use Shutterbee more as a way to organize my travel photos and check-ins and share them with the world.

For the Wanderlusters

If you are a wanderluster interested in travelling the world and looking for inspiration, perhaps instead of colouring your map full and sharing photos and check-ins with friends, you’ll likely join in the discussions where you’ll be able to ask questions and become inspired. You’ll also likely follow the avid travellers on Shutterbee and their photographic journeys.

For the Avid Travellers

If you’re an avid traveller like myself, you’ll be able to count the countries you’ve visited on your world map and then share the photos that go along with each adventure (cell phone photos, panoramas and HD photos alike).


My Favourite Features

As a traveller, it’s certainly not difficult to fill a hard drive with photos and blog posts worth sharing with the world.

The Shutterbee app allows me to organize my photos and check my destinations off on a map. Between travelling and finding functioning hot spots around the city, it’s not always easy to stay on top of your photo uploads and organization.

Shutterbee has been an easy way for me to directly upload my photos, share them with friends and then color in my world map to see where I’ve been. I don’t need to immediately upload everything to my hard drive, I don’t need to write down all the places I visited in a notebook and I don’t need to worry about sharing all my content with the world later on.

Shutterbee allows me to do it all at once right then and there, on my phone.

I may be an adventurer, but my online adventure stops when the wifi cuts out. Having one platform that allows me to do everything at once is great.

But here are my favorite features…


The Travel Map

Forget the scratch map that you left at home hanging up above your un-slept in bed, Shutterbee’s travel map feature gives you the opportunity to create your own personal travel map by adding countries visited to your profile while sharing it with your friends via social media.


The Discussion Board

This isn’t just a place to organize your thoughts and photos while sharing them on social media, it is a community where you’re able to ask for and share travel tips, post travel stories and communicate with other travellers. It’s a social platform where you can inspire others or look for inspiration yourself.  


Finding Hidden Gems

There’s certainly no denying that many of the hidden gems around the world today aren’t so…. hidden. Shutterbee has allowed me to search for hidden gems around the area I am located not only from travellers, but from locals in the area. You instantly have your own source of photos to choose from all over the world and have the ability to select a location and search for travel photos shared in a specific area. I use this feature as a way to plan my trip. I search the destination I am visiting, find location photos on Shutterbee and add them to my bucketlist of things to do while visiting. If these hidden gems are too hidden to find them on my own, there's always the option of directly messaging the photographer as asking for their tips for the destination as well.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention the best part of all, it’s free. I know I’m not the only travellers looking to save an extra cent here or there. So, have fun with it, and let us know what you think about the app too!

Travel tip shared by Jenna for Travel Dudes.