City I Love Contest

City I Love Contest

Is there a city that simply takes your breath away, a city you absolutely love and would recommend to everyone?

Here's your chance to write about your favourite city and stand a chance to win a great prize!
Velvet Escape and Traveldudes, in partnership with Wimdu, bring you the
'3 Things in the City I Love' contest.

This is a contest that's open to anyone with a travel blog or website.



To Destination Unknown: Dublin - City I Still Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 800

Isla Organic: London - 3 Things in the City I Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 400

AngloItalian Follow Us: Visuals from Vibrant Venice – a City I Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 250

FINALISTS receive a voucher worth EUR 50 each (well, that's unless you've won one of the 3 main prizes)


Here are the ten finalists (in no specific order).

- Here and there in Jozi - Johannesburg:

- India Backpack Motorbike - Mumbai:

- To Destination Unknown - Dublin:

- Bunny's Travel - Cape Town:

- AngloItalian Folow Us - Venice:

- Cape Town Collectables - Cape Town:

- Benedict Cooper - Hanoi:

- Journey of a Lifetime -Istanbul:

- Rudayna - Mumbai:

- Isla Organic - London:

Congratulations to the finalists! You're all winners! 


Here are some examples of what you can do with the vouchers:

The first prize can cover a few days' accommodation in Girona and a week in Barcelona, Spain. Perfect for TBEX Europe 2012 delegates! Or a week in a luxurious apartment in Paris or London.

The second prize can cover accommodation for ten days or more in Portugal (for instance in Oporto and Lisbon). Ideal for TBU Porto delegates! Or you can use it for a week's stay in the centre of Amsterdam.

The third prize is more than sufficient to cover a long weekend's stay in just about any city in the world.


All you have to do is:

- write about your favourite city - don't forget to mention why you love this city. The length of the post should be a minimum of 300 words.

- describe THREE things to do and/or see that you can recommend to anyone visiting this city 

- include the text and link:
This is my submission for the '3 Things in the City' I Love contest by Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and


Once you have published your post, simply include the post URL in the comments section of this page. Don't forget to fill in the fields for your name, blog and email address.

Each submission will be tweeted by Velvet EscapeTraveldudes and Wimdu with the hashtag #3ThingsCityILove.


What you can win:

Wimdu has provided vouchers, which can be redeemed for private accommodation bookings in many cities around the world, with a cash amount totalling EUR 1,800.

You can use the vouchers for a city break or a holiday with friends or family. For travel bloggers, you could use the vouchers to cover your accommodation costs at any of the upcoming travel blogger conferences.

The apartment you see in the picture on the right is in Porto and has 3 bedrooms and a stunning view of the Douro River


The deadline for submissions is Friday, 10th August. Velvet Escape and Traveldudes will each choose five finalists, making it a total of TEN FINALISTS, based on the quality of the post and the uniqueness of the 3 tips.

From Monday, 13th August, the names of the finalists will be announced on the Velvet Escape and Traveldudes Facebook pages.

If you have submitted your post URL on Traveldudes (i.e. the comments section on this page), then be sure to check the Traveldudes Facebook page to see if you're one of the finalists.

On Tuesday, 14th August, the THREE WINNERS - we're going to make this dead simple by pulling three numbers out of a hat (using! - will be announced via the Facebook and Twitter streams of Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and Wimdu.

In the following months, the posts of the ten finalists will be featured on Velvet Escape and Traveldudes as guest posts, with links back to the finalists' blogs, twitter streams and Facebook pages.


In a nutshell:

- Participants stand a chance to win attractive prizes by writing about their favourite city and including a link to
- Participants' entries will receive additional attention via the Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and Wimdu Twitter streams
- Velvet Escape and Traveldudes get to play 'judge'! Yay!
- All finalists are winners: each wins a voucher with varying amounts, the posts will be featured on the Facebook pages of Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and Wimdu, AND the posts will also be published as guest posts on Velvet Escape and Traveldudes with links back to the respective blogs.

Details of the contest terms and conditions can be found here.

About Wimdu:

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