The Best Passport for Nomadic Travel Bloggers

The Best Passport for Nomadic Travel Bloggers

If you are wandering the world as a nomadic travel blogger/influencer, which passport makes life the easiest for you?

Not that you can do much about it. Even the most 'international' world citizens are dual nationality at best.

An offshore tax consultancy called Nomad Capitalist has ranked 199 different passports based on how many countries they can travel to without a visa, tax freedoms, the world's perception of the country and its citizens, the ability to maintain other citizenships and the ability of its citizens to live freely.

If you are a British or American passport holder, prepare to be disappointed.

The Swedish passport came out on top, as its citizens can visit 176 countries visa-free, enjoy an excellent reputation abroad, have the ability to hold dual or multiple citizenship, have high levels of personal freedom, and have the ability to easily escape Swedish taxes by moving overseas.


The current top ten ranking passports all reside in Europe:

1) 109 - Sweden
2) 108 - Belgium
3=) 107.5 - Spain
3=) 107.5 - Italy
5) 107 - Ireland
6=) 106.5 - Finland
6=) 106.5 - Germany
8=) 106 - Denmark
8=) 106 - Switzerland
8=) 106 - Luxembourg

The British passport ranks highly at number 16 (tied with Australia & trailing Canada) as citizens can visit 175 countries visa- free, are almost always allowed to hold another citizenship, have relatively high levels of personal freedom and are thought about quite highly abroad.

Unfortunately for Brits, it is more difficult to become legally tax non-resident when moving abroad.

By comparison, the US passport which ranks at number 35, allows visitors to visit 174 countries visa-free, but citizens are taxed on their worldwide income no matter where they live and are not perceived as highly as their British counterparts.


If you were wondering...

According to the research, the worst passport to own is the Afghan passport.

This passport only allows entry into 25 countries visa-free, its citizens are often refused entry to a substantial number of countries and also encounter substantial hostility, its citizens are strictly forbidden to hold other citizenships and they also experience less freedom.


You can see the entire rankings by downloading the 2017 Nomad Passport Index. It's free, you just have to supply your email address.

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