Armchair Travel and Experience Emilia Romagna in Italy - The Way You Would Do It!

Armchair Travel and Experience Emilia Romagna in Italy - The Way You Would Do It!

The upcoming weeks and months you will be able to experience Italy different!

Sit back, grab your computer mouse and discover what the region Emilia Romagna got to offer!


With the Blog Ville project we have over 40 bloggers visiting the seaside town Rimini and the beautiful city of Bologna for you!

The bloggers will provide you real and valuable information about the destinations, as they will have the freedom to travel the way they love!

The tourism board of Emilia Romagna provides the bloggers with a free stay and supports them with things to do. But in the end it's up to the bloggers to decide what they will do.

That way the bloggers get the opportunity to live like a local, but also just like a normal traveler and they will experience Italy the way you would do.

That is what blogging is all about! Travel Experiences For Travelers, By Travelers!


There will be travelers, who's blogs and/or articles will have a focus on food, culture, solo, family, adventure travel, or a complete other niche of traveling.

Find the topic you like most and enjoy!

For Travelers, By Travelers is also our motto at and as a proud partner of this project we will be happy to present many interesting travel tips, photos and videos of Rimini and Bologna as well.


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Would you like to know what the bloggers are doing right now at this moment? They use the hashtag #BlogVille on Twitter! Let's travel with them together:

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But it's also worth to take a look at their blogs the next coming weeks and months!

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