7 Instagram Tips for Travel Bloggers

7 Instagram Tips for Travel Bloggers

If you are a travel blogger, then you can easily use Instagram to create influence, especially if you want to build a brand for yourself.

Most people will want to use Instagram for sharing pictures of themselves or even the variety of places captured. However, the pictures posted may not exactly attract plenty of viewers, other than close friends they associate with. If you are looking forward to making an earning online, then Instagram can enable you to form a strong network that can earn plenty of followers and good income. This article discusses some of the 8 Instagram tips for travel bloggers that can be used.

Most travel enthusiasts or bloggers will more often than not want their pictures, media or other content viewed by a good number of users online. However, a majority of these will only have close friends who can view and like their pictures.

If you have a huge number of followers, there is a way in which you can actually get a good means of income and hence benefit.


Here are some of the Instagram tips for travel bloggers that we were able to come up with, based on our research and findings:

#1. Engage/Interact with other Users

Interaction with people that you follow or those that follow you is very important if you want to grow your niche on Instagram. This is because they can easily view your content in their feed as you interact, hence enabling growth. This may include commenting on other bloggers, users, or those that follow you. Make sure that you comment something with sense & not what a bot (computer) could have written (smileys or "super photo"). Address the topic of the actual photo/post.


#2. Create Photos Professionally

Creating or editing photos to look professional may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually very important since followers would want to see great photos or content. Amazing content will also tend to bring inspiration to the viewers.


#3. Make good use of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important as they have rapidly developed to be objects on Instagram that can enable your content to be viewed even by users who don't follow you. It is, however, important to make a research on hashtags that are unique for use and not too popular. You will also have a limit to the number of hashtags allowed.


#4. Consider captions that make sense

When you post content, it may be pretty obvious that you ought to consider the captions of your media content. This may include important information of a place or even object, such that the viewers are thrilled.


#5. Get involved in Shoutouts

These refer to contests where bloggers and other users may be required to upload cool photos of other users or bloggers on their Instagram, together with a caption or comment.


#6. Tag your Content to Large Accounts

Other than just blending with the small accounts, you can opt to tag bloggers who have large accounts, in order to get even more followers. However, you can start with the small, then gradually move to the big.


#7. Identify Real Followers

You may have a pretty high number of followers, where a good number of them are true/real followers. Identify and interact with them.


Final Verdict

Making a good return or even building portfolios on Instagram is not usually hard, as long as you have the idea of what you are doing and you invest enough time. You do not have to have thousands of followers like a celebrity as they will gradually grow. Popularity is also developed over time.