WINERAM Australia Episode 1: Strathbogie Ranges

WINERAM Australia Episode 1: Strathbogie Ranges

Colin leaves his cellar-hand winemaking position in the Barossa Valley to hit the road and tour all the wine regions Australia has to offer.

First stop is the Strathbogie Ranges with winemaker Matt Fowles of Fowles Wines!

Matt is renown for some forward thinking labels "Are you game" and "Ladies who shoot their lunch". Matt takes Colin into his home to show him his way of life that certainly involved going out into the vineyard to go rabbit hunting and teach Colin about the fundamentals of food and wine matching, and especially so when it comes to matching wine with wild game.

Check out this amazing food and wine experience, where by the end of the episode they are matching the wine from the vineyards where they went hunting wild game that very same night!

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Title Sequence Music By: Bobby Alu