Why Get Married on a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

Why Get Married on a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

We have seen so many crazy and creative ideas for destination weddings where in a world that getting married abroad is becoming a tradition each year. To turn this big day into a fairytale story; every couple seeks for the best options surfing the web like a cheetah and makes a decision for the best possible match.
Recently, Cappadocia has become one of those places getting slightly invaded by beautiful brides enjoying the best backdrops of this remote geography and get back home with a full album of jaw-dropping wedding photos and lifelong memories.


Hot air ballooning, done in the region for over 15 years now, is one of the must-do activities of the area and especially for the last few years; the average number of daily balloon flights has gone up to 110 balloons every morning for the first flight and if there are more people to fly that morning; they can schedule a second, and some seasons even third flight. While wedding photography is not a common business in Cappadocia yet, hot air balloon weddings were already introduced to the market back in 2009 when the balloons were not even on such a great demand. You can imagine that by 2020, it will be one of the best locations while Cappadocia was already announced as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world out of numerous choices.

When to Plan

While Cappadocia enjoys a mild climate most of the time between May to September; almost 300 days of the year get to marked positive by the civil aviation. So, anytime you plan is suitable, yet plan it considering the weather conditions of the year and plan a week trip in case of any flight cancellations due to bad weather.


Hot air balloons and pilots are checked officially each morning by the civil aviation and geography, condition and security wise; we can call Cappadocia definitely the safest location for such an experience.

How Much Does it Cost

If you are planning to include the civil ceremony in the air; there will be add-ons for paperwork, officiator tip, and other legal procedure expenses. However, you can book a private basket, get it decorated and order a cake & champagne after the flight would be starting from 4200 Euros.

How to Book It

As of February 2018, most of the balloon companies fixed their rates as a precaution against the mass Chinese tourism (600k visitors expected annually) and various plans and pricing are already listed on Trip Advisor for the standard to deluxe flight options. However, to execute the ceremony privately, you might need to have it all included in the package. So, make sure you discuss the details in advance not to get charged for any last minute surprises. 


Either with many guests or just for two of you, this magical landscape is a unique choice and soon to be listed in one of the best places in the world to tie the knot. So, reserve your seat for a long weekend to inspect the place and plan your wedding.