Watching Gray Whales off Tofino, Vancouver Island

Watching Gray Whales off Tofino, Vancouver Island

"If you want to watch gray whales off Tofino you have to brace yourself for rough waters. The whales don't make it easy on their watchers since they pass Vancouver Island's west coast a few miles out in the Pacific Ocean."

That's what the people at Jamie's Whaling Station in Tofino told us, when we went out whale watching.

"And dress warmly. It can be cold out there."

We seem to have been lucky though.

Well, the ride was a bit bumpy the further out we got, but if you braced yourself and concentrated on what was happening around you, it wasn't too bad. And we were lucky with the weather. It felt like a balmy summer day instead of a fresh spring day at the beginning of April.

Yes, this is the best time to go gray whale watching in Tofino, since most of the whales just pass the area on their way from their winter calving grounds around Baja California to their summer feeding grounds in the waters off the Alaskan coast.

And we were lucky again as we watched three adult gray whales make their way north right in front of our boat. One of them even breached, but unfortunately we didn't catch that on film.


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