A Walk Around Machu Picchu, Peru - #HolaGringo 04

A Walk Around Machu Picchu, Peru - #HolaGringo 04

A visit of Peru without going to Machu Picchu would be incomplete.

Of course it has been on my schedule as well.

In the 4th episode of my HolaGringo trip I take you on a walk through the old Inca town.

Don't get me wrong but I simply used most of the time to enjoy. I sat down on one of the terraces and soaked it all in. Unfortunately I was not able to go up to the Wayna Picchu as the access is limited to 400 people per day.

Nevertheless I used the full day:

beside realxing I had a look at the old buildings and temples - I was impressed by the precise work on the walls and how the stones were set up without any gaps in between.


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