Vietnam: A Street Food Trip

Vietnam: A Street Food Trip

Vietnam Travel shows a special trip of the current rise of this street food in Vietnam:

Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) Seafood noodle, Pudding, Sweets, Corn, Bread, Banana Paper and Cake, Spring Roll and Noodle, Coconut Juice, Banh Uot, Bo Bia, Instant noodle and rice noodle, egg, steamed rice, fruit, Butter sauced corn and Egg.

How to go with a US$1, you'll get delicious fried rice, juicy beef, a sunny side up and some salad. How to make Banh Xeo, a Vietnamese specialty, from not only the best Banh Xeo maker in Vietnam, but the best Banh Xeo maker in the world.

Visit the streets of Vietnam and try out some of the tastiest street food Vietnam offers!


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