Two Weeks in Australia: Father and Son Trip

Two Weeks in Australia: Father and Son Trip

My Father lived an adventurous life. In his younger years, he had done it all -- backpacking and making documentaries all over Europe, and Asia, even making it to Oceania a handful of times. 

As he settled down, and had three kids, the traveling didn't stop, but it certainly slowed down. And although my family continued to travel to adventurous places, (including a three week trip to China when I was a baby) the itineraries became more and more focused on family friendly resorts and locations. 

However, as my dad hit his sixties and his children we're beginning to move out, he took it to himself to take each one of his kids on an adventure trip before he got too old. This was both a great bonding opportunity, and an even greater opportunity for him to go on three amazing trips.

The deal was: we get to pick the location, he gets to approve. First he took my brother to Peru, then my sister to Nepal and Tibet, and then me to Australia and Bali


Two weeks in Australia

Australia had always been somewhere of interest to me. I think it's because I had grown up watching cartoons where there were often stereotypical Australian characters that gave a glimpse into the culture. I remember as a young child being fascinated by photographs of the outback and kangaroos. The idea of visiting had always been in the back of my mind so when my father asked where I wanted to go, Australia was my initial reaction. 

The country did not disappoint in any way. The breathtaking landscape of the outback paired with the unique wildlife made for a mesmerizing experience, especially for a young photographer/filmmaker myself. I was constantly in awe, and took it to myself to capture everything/anything. I could have stayed much longer and still not have been bored, as there was still much to see. 

I hope this video conveys the vast beauty of Northern Australia as well as the memories I now have of my time with my Father. I'm a very lucky son and am truly grateful for this experience.


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