The Top Tourist Spots in Cebu Philippines

The Top Tourist Spots in Cebu Philippines

Cebu is located in the central part of the Philippines and is an awesome place to spend a holiday.

In the video above I show you the top 10 tourist attractions in Cebu.

If you’re looking for some of the best tourist spots in the Philippines one amazing island is Cebu. Blessed with some amazing beaches and wonderful islands to visit this is a fantastic island in the Philippines to visit.

As I mentioned in the video these are subjective and keeping the list to 10 tourist attractions I’ve had to leave of some amazing things to see and do in Cebu.

Hopefully the video will get you interested and research more wonderful places to visit in Cebu.


#10 Mactan Island.

One of the first places most tourist enter Cebu is via Mactan as airport is located here. Here I show a list of Mactan’s best resorts and what to do and see on this island including island hopping around Mactan.


#9 Sinulog Festival.

One of the biggest Festivals in Cebu.  While I have covered the street dancing in another video, in this list I wanted to show the religious side of the Sinulog Festival.


#8 Moalboal.

One of the most popular dive spots in Cebu. You don’t necessarily need to be a diver to have fun in Moalboal. Made of 2 main areas, Pagnasama Beach and White Beach, Moalboal has plenty to offer the tourist.  


#7 Canyoneering

Cebu Canyoneering in Badian is one most exhilarating adventures in Cebu. Canyoning has become an extremely popular tourist attraction in the south of Cebu. The whole adventure takes a few hours and it’s a great fun.


#6 Kawasan Falls and other beautiful waterfalls in Cebu.

If you do the Canyoning tour (number 7) it ends at the wonderful Kawasan Falls, the most popular waterfalls in Cebu. There are a number of other great waterfalls to visit in Cebu including Aguinid Falls, Inambakan Falls, Tumalog Falls, Mantayupan Falls and Bugasok Falls to name a few.


#5 Swim with the whale sharks in Oslob.

One of the most awesome things to do in Cebu. I have shown prices for the whale sharks and some accommodation ideas in Oslob.


#4 Sumilon Island.

A gorgeous tropical island in the Philippines and beautiful spot to visit in southern Cebu. The island has a gorgeous sand back, one of the best in Cebu. The island’s resort Sumilon Bluewater Resort is a wonderful place to spend your vacation in Cebu.


#3 Camotes Islands.

A pretty group of islands in Cebu that doesn’t attract as many tourists as other places. The Camotes has some beautiful beaches and a great way to spend a holiday at. I have also shown some of my favourite resorts in the Camotes.


#2 Malapascua Island.

Most famous for the thresher sharks, Malapascua is one of Cebu’s best islands to visit. The most popular stretch of sand - Bounty Beach is a beautiful place to stay at. I’ve listed some of my recommended resorts in Malapascua. As well as some nearby islands to visit such as Carnaza, La Manok and Kalanggaman Islands.


#1 Bantayan Island.

My most favourite island in Cebu and one of the best tropical islands in the Philippines. Its beaches are amazing. From Paradise Beach to Virgin Island.  For me this is paradise.