Sri Lanka Unplugged #3 Colombo

Sri Lanka Unplugged #3 Colombo

In this episode David and his guide explore the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.

They begin at the location of the old british fortification of Colombo which is now a wholesale market for many locally produced fruits and vegetables.

Later they visit the Galle Face Hotel, an old colonial hotel located on the beautiful beaches near Colombo. Next David and his guide hit the road on the way to the dutch colonial city of Galle, passing through the village of Moratuwa which is known for its woodworking and production of furniture.

David and his guide continue driving for over three hours and along the way the pass various villages each known for their special trade, and before arriving at Galle they take a stop at the village called Ambalangoda, which is known for making traditional masks and puppets.


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