Sri Lanka: Exploring Kandy - Part 2

Sri Lanka: Exploring Kandy - Part 2

Kandy is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, surrounded by mountains, tropical forests, and tea plantations.

It is the second largest city in the country after Colombo but it has a feel of a small town.

In Sri Lanka: Exploring Kandy Part 2, Booker follows local rhythms and crowds to discover amazing markets. 


Music by

Lionel Ranwala | SONG: Kaju Ware Erabadu Yaye
Amy Millan | SONG: Skinny Boy
M.W.D. | SONG: Snake In A Box
Lionel Ranwala | SONG: Udara Mawbima
Lionel Ranwala | SONG: Yuddetat Awith
Elephant Foot | SONG: Rain Forest
Atlas Sound | SONG: Strange Parade
Antonio Arcangeli | SONG: Guitar/Rnb Instrumental (by PeaceAndMusic)
GilliCuddy | SONG: Jupiter The Blue