Sofia, Bulgaria: Things to Do

Sofia, Bulgaria: Things to Do

Sofia, Bulgaria is an underrated capital in Europe that offers history, architecture, nature, free food, and miracle waters. Watch to find out more of what we did in Sofia. Look below for video information.

Sofia, Bulgaria has a fascinating history and mix of cultures, including influences from the Romans, Ottomans, and Greeks. Throughout the city center, you'll walk through old Roman ruins; catch a full view of a mosque, Catholic cathedral, orthodox church, and synagogue all at once (the Square of Tolerance); and pass by several dilapidated, Communist-era buildings and structures sitting alongside hip new cafes and restaurants.


5 Things to Do:

1. Museum of Socialist Art and Park - The Museum of Socialist Art in Sofia is a museum of art which covers the history of the communist era in Bulgaria. You'll see original statues of Lenin.

2. Balkan Bites Food - A free food tour offered in the center of Sofia. You get a wide range of food and samples from local and national dishes of Bulgaria. 

3. Mineral Springs - Sofia and its surroundings boasts more than 30 mineral springs. Most are hotter than 33°C (91.4°F) and have low mineralization. The hot mineral springs in the very center of the city.

4. Square of Tolerance - Visit a mosque, synagogue, and church all within minutes of each other in the center of Sofia. This shows the tolerant and unique history of Sofia.

5. Vitosha Mountain hike - You can easily hike very near Sofia. Take the subway out of the center of Sofia and soon enough you're in nature. Vitosha is the fourth highest mountain in Bulgaria. Also, check out the Dragalevtsi monastry.


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