Snowshoeing in Bend, Oregon

Snowshoeing in Bend, Oregon

We stayed in Bend, Oregon for almost a week, and also managed to spend time at Mount Bachelor.

The resort is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest of the United States with a skiable area of 3,683 acres (14.9 km2) and a vertical drop of 3,365 feet (1,026 m).


What is Snowshoeing?

A snowshoe is footwear for walking over the snow. Snowshoeing extends your hiking or running season into winter. It lets you enjoy winter solitude and can be a social activity. All ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport together. It's easy to snowshoe, unlike skiing, but a much better workout. As the saying goes, "If you can walk, you can snowshoe." The learning curve is much shorter than that of skiing or snowboarding. A few techniques worth practicing: widening your stance (to avoid stepping on snowshoe frames), going up and down hills, traversing slopes and pole usage.

We snowshoed in a part of Oregon near known as the Cascades region. Winter sports in the Cascades began when Scandinavian lumber workers came to central Oregon from the Great Lakes States and from Europe.


More About Bend, Oregon

A warm, inviting mountain getaway with a cosmopolitan appeal is what you'll find when you arrive in the friendly town of Bend, Oregon. Majestic, snow-capped peaks adorn the high-desert skyline, and thus mix with desert tundra and moonscapes as close as Smith Rock in nearby Redmond, Oregon. Playing in the Cascades, hiking, mountain biking, or floating the river are just a few of the outdoor adventures you can tackle in a weekend or a week.