Skydiving over Wadi Rum, Jordan

Skydiving over Wadi Rum, Jordan

White. Orange. Blue. Green. Yellow.

Cameraguy reminding my skydiving instructor of the order of the coloured buttons he needs to pull after we jump. NOT very encouraging as you're about to hurl yourself out of an airplane, 13 thousand feet above the Wadi Rum desert.

You know what else is not encouraging? When they ask him if he's taken his blue pill for the day...and when he says he can't remember!


All in good fun and humour though. As we went further up in the plane, I could see the massive mountains of Rum getting smaller and smaller, as my excitement (and a little bit of nerves) grew bigger and stronger.

Before I knew it, it was time to jump. 

I had been very calm up until the point where I was standing at the edge of the plane door, looking down at the wide open desert, with its pointy mountains. I had 3 seconds of "ARE YOU CRAZY?!!" screaming in my head, and as I pushed that thought away, I was pushed out of the plane itself. 

It was very loud. Loud wind.

Loud screams escaping me...thankfully, screams of excitement and not fear. It would be futile to be fearful at that point. It was now time to enjoy the view...interspersed with moments when my instructor would lift up my head so I could look at the camera!

It was an incredible experience...something I never thought I would do.

And....I can't wait to do it again and again!


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