Sarajevo - A Living Museum - Timelapse Video

Sarajevo - A Living Museum - Timelapse Video

A series of time lapses from Sarajevo, a living museum that breathes and sighs history. Shot from 28-30 June 2011. 3606 photos.



1. Shelled building along the Miljacka River near the Skenderija Bridge
2. View to the northwest, Koševo district and Olympic Stadium complex
3. Destroyed senior center, Alipašino Polje (eastern Sarajevo)
4. Ali-Pasha Mosque
5. Beggar on Mula Mustafe Baseskije Street, a lively pedestrian thoroughfare
6. Intersection of Marshall Tito Avenue and Vladimir Peric Valter Street in central Srajevo
7. Apartment building in the New Sarajevo district
8. Destroyed observatories in the mountains to the south - at right the Orion Observatory built during the Yugoslav period, and the older dating to the Austro-Hungarian Empire
9. Katedrala Srca Isusova (Jesus' Heart Cathedral)
10. Former Yugoslav (JLA) army barracks, now part of the University of Sarajevo campus
11. View to the east from Dom Policije Vranja?e, a former Club/vacation home for police officers
12. Front of the Railway Station
13. Near the Holiday Inn, the only functioning hotel during the Siege of Sarajevo. This is near the beginning of what was known as Sniper Alley.
14. Fine Arts Academy, formerly the Evangelical Church
15. Apartment building in the New Sarajevo district
16. In the Baš?aršija, or Turkish Quarter
17. View west from the Žuta Tabija, or Yellow Bastion (early 18th C.)



City Night Line
by Cobra (avec logo panthère)
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