Off Ruta de las Cascadas in Ecuador

Off Ruta de las Cascadas in Ecuador

Ruta de las Cascadas is a very popular route between Banos and Puyo, in Ecuador.

Travelers would normally attempt to complete the 60Km that separate both towns by bike, but some, like myself, give up somewhere along the line.

Proof that sometimes the best travel moments happen independently of what you planned was the lunch me and my man had in a local lady's restaurant... or should I say house?

As tired legs and rain discouraged us from pedaling any further, we decided to explore the other side of the canyon that Ruta de las Cascadas goes along. We found a charming little place where we had fried trout, met a dog that looked like a lamb and chatted with the owner-chef-waitress, that didn't seem to get many customers. 

This is why getting off the beaten path is, more times than not, a excellent idea!


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