Red Thumbs of Iceland

Red Thumbs of Iceland

In July, Natalia and I traveled to Iceland to spend three weeks hitchhiking around the island.

With little money or planning we set out to make our adventure across the country as we couchsurfed, hitchhiked and camped our way along the HW1 Ring Road. We made many detours along the way to explore some of the country's iconic sights and trails such as the hike from Landmannalaugar and the West Fjords.

From our starting point in Hafnarfjordur with Hlynur we hitchhiked to Landmannalaugar and hiked south to Thórsmörk.  From under the waterfalls in Seljalandsfoss, we hitchhiked to Vik and up to Skaftafell.  We saw the Glacier Lagoon of Jökulsárlón before carrying on to Eiðar to stay with Nikki.  Nikki advised that we go along the top, from Lake Myvatn to Akureyri and then move on to Skagaströnd. With the time we had left we managed to find a ride to Dynjandi in the West Fjords and back to Stykkishólmur before getting into Reykjavík for our last few days.

We hitchhiked for 2,309km with 37 amazing drivers.

We camped for 16 days on grass, sand, rock, snow and lupin.  We shopped at 5 Bonuses in 4 cities.  We played my Mandolin 3 times and got 2 pieces of cheese in exchange.  We stayed with 2 amazing couchsurfers.  We rescued 1 horse, gained one pair of saddles and lost 1 bag of sandwiches along the way.

All along the way we carried our DSLR cameras, a pair of Sigma lenses, a mandolin and a steady supply of sandwiches. We had over 168Gb of videos and pictures by the end of the three weeks. After returning, we set to work editing our footage into a small documentary of our travels, highlighting the wonderful places, cities and people we met and saw along the way.