My Visual Love Letter to Japan

My Visual Love Letter to Japan

The best of my six days in Japan - from Osaka to Kyoto and finally Tokyo.

It was my first trip to Japan and the country clearly took me by surprise in a second. Japans Food Capital Osaka and it's bustling district of Dōtonbori, where you will find the best Japanese street food and small bars for Karaoke, was my first stop.

Mesmerizing Kyoto, the most beautiful city in Japan, with its stunning old houses, historic temples and the narrow streets of the Geisha District, got me hooked and left me speechless. Plus, I surely had the best sushi of Japan in Kyoto!

And then finally, I rushed over to Tokyo and surely felt like lost in translation while walking through the famous Memory Lane, through old Shogun Parks and spend some time on the incredible Tsukiji Market, Tokyo’s Fish market to find the best local Japanese breakfast.

Clearly, I will have to be back for more.