Malaysia to Singapore by Rail

Malaysia to Singapore by Rail

I took this early morning train to Singapore last week for my second visit to the island nation.  I completed filming there for the upcoming film Travel Geek: Documentary Singapore.  

In this video, I captured footage of my journey to Singapore via a train journey from neighbouring Malaysia.


In my upcoming documentary, I will:

- swim with live, man-eating sharks
- jump into the world's largest indoor skydive at I-Fly
- visit Epcot Center
- ride a mile-high cable car
- take a trip on the Singapore Flyer (largest Ferris wheel in the world)
- party at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino
- visit some of the world's top museums
- and I drink a Singapore Sling at the famous hotel where it was invented and first served...


Travel Video Shared By Cyle O' Donnell