Maglie, Puglia: Italian Food Festival Mercatino del Gusto

Maglie, Puglia: Italian Food Festival Mercatino del Gusto

Italian food festival Mercatino del Gusto is held in Maglie in Puglia each year. This was it's 15th year.

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Filmed & edited by Peter Parkorr:
Part of the #MustLoveFestivals project:
Music: 'Coffee' by Josh Woodward

Scene list:
00:06 Festival lights in the main square of Maglie
00:11 People chatting at an cheese stall in Via dei Presidi
00:13 Cured Italian meats on Via della Gastronomia
00:16 Italian wines in Piazza del Vino
00:18 A local sommelier uncorks wine
00:20 The central square of Mercatino del Gusto & Maglie
00:22 Via della Gastronomia and sign in lights
00:26 Dried tomatoes and other Italian veggies
00:30 Via della Birra sign
00:33 A stall in street food area cooking Bombetta meat skewers
00:36 Italian craft beer Birranova Arsa
00:42 Piazza del Vino sign in Maglie
00:44 wine tasting in the main square
00:50 Sommelier Marco in the Wine Passion room
00:54 Crowds at Mercatino del Gusto in Maglie
00:57 Local guide Elisabetta speaking in Italian and Salentino dialect
01:14 Sommelier Marco talks about why Puglia is famous
01:20 A beach along the coast of Salento
01:24 Marco says Salento is famous for music and food now too
01:28 A table at a traditional Italian/Salentine family meal, video coming soon - subscribe!
01:30 Chiara from Vecchia Torre wine cooperative
01:39 Vincenzo Maglio from the Maglio Chocolate company
01:49 Francesco and a translator, from a community that make and sell cheese in a cooperative.
'They produce Mozzarella, Ricotta, Giuncata - but the most important product is Fagattino. It is Mozzarella and inside is Ricotta. They invented it.'
01:56 Cheese Fagattino - Mozzarella with Ricotta inside
02:07 More cheese from Francesco's stall
02:09 Chiara talks about the price of their wines
02:19 Marco suggests you try Orecchiete con Cime de rapa when you visit Puglia, and drink the famous Negro Amaro wine.
02:39 Elisabetta's favourite wine by Cantine Due Palme is the sparkling Mela Rosa
02:45 Where you can find Maglio chocolates - recommended with wine
03:08 Some Maglio chocolates with coffee beans inside
03:11 Vincenzo's advice for visiting Mercatino del Gusto
03:19 People enjoying Via dei Presidi
03:21 Another cheese producer, joking with customers
03:24 Italian Provolone cheese in the traditional shape
03:27 Italian dishes being cooked by Tritkum
03:42 A stall selling Gargano goat meat products
03:43 Gargano goat horns
03:46 Sliciing Gargano goat meat - good for male libido supposedly!
03:51 More wine tasting in Piazza del Vino
03:54 Chiara invites you to Puglia to try their wines
03:58 Elisabetta explains that Salentine people are proud of their roots
04:02 The director of Mercatino del Gusto
04:07 Thanks to Puglia Events and Expedia as well as Mercatino del Gusto for being our sponsors for #MustLoveFestivals
Filmed & edited by Peter Parkorr. I used the Panasonic GH2 and various lenses, editing in Adobe Premiere.
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Lovely video Peter, I really enjoyed the images and the interviews! Maglie is a nice small city rich in history and things to do. Thanks for sharing information about this festival for foodies.