Made in Taiwan: Taipei Video Journal featuring 101 Taipei, Hiking, & more!

Made in Taiwan: Taipei Video Journal featuring 101 Taipei, Hiking, & more!

Big (Julian) and Small (Stephanie) stayed in Taiwan for nearly 10 days. We got a chance to really explore Taipei and Wulai Waterfalls.

Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, a lively city that has grown from an isolated river valley into one of Asia's most vibrant cities. The growth in Taipei is still evident. When you arrive to the airport the sounds of construction and growth are all around you. The most defining symbol of Taiwan is the Taipei 101 Tower, which was at once time one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Alongside the skyscrapers and highways, you will still find places of peace and contemplation, temples, shrines and museums dedicated to preserving the unique history of the country.


In this video you will see the following:

1. Scooters - Once you arrive to Taiwan especially Taipei the scooters will be everywhere.
2. Skyscrapers - The glittering tall buildings of Taipei will delight especially from the top of Elephant Mountain. If you hike this you'll enjoy the views of all of Taipei from this prominent hill in the middle of the city.
3. Waterfalls - We only managed to see Wulai Waterfalls, but there are is an abundance of waterfalls in Taiwan. Plan ahead and try to see some of them.
4. Temples - We saw several smaller temples even among hiking trails. Also, you may have the added bonus of seeing dancing and music at some of these smaller temples too.
5. History - The History of Taiwan is complex and changing quickly. The culture and fabric of Taiwan is Chinese, but the island has a distinct spirit and culture too.

Enjoy our video!


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