Land of the Rising Sun

Land of the Rising Sun

"Land of the rising sun" is a movie which I made in Japan during summer time.

I visited Tokyo, Funabashi, Kyoto, Hagata, Fukuoka, Aso, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Sakurajima ... . The most of the seqences are made in Hakata, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Inari, Sakurajima, Tokyo, Kagoshima and Aso ( "sea of clouds" ).

We went to the volcano (Sakurajima). 2 hours before the big eruption, we went to Miazaki, so we weren't there at the big eruption. :)  After we came back to Kagoshima at that night, there was volcano dust everywhere. I tried to write names on the street. hahaha :) .... so crazy :)

I used a Nikon 7000 and just one objektive 18 - 70 mm.

Have a nice time! :)