Korean Spicy Fish Soup: Mae-Un-Tang

Korean Spicy Fish Soup: Mae-Un-Tang

Korean food is typically thought of as being spicy.

While I normally don't think that Korean food is terribly spicy, I recently had the opportunity to try a dish of maeuntang (???) - and let me tell you, it had some kick.

Maeuntang is a spicy fish and vegetable soup. It's made by simmering red chili pepper paste, red chili flakes, and various vegetables. Popular fish used in this dish include red snapper, sea bass, cod fish, and others. In fact, it's a popular dish at seafood markets, where you can actually choose your own fish for the meal.

If you love all things spicy and fish, then I'd really recommend trying it. Personally, I am not a big seafood eater, but I will admit, that on a cold day, I really did enjoy its hot flavor. The fish was extremely tender and our meal actually included tiny shrimp as well.


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