Kayaking With Seals in Namibia

Kayaking With Seals in Namibia

Namibia is a country of contrasts. From the dry Kalahari in the South East to the prolific wetlands of the Caprivi strip in the North, Namibia is a haven for wildlife.

But iconic African land mammals are not the only creatures worth watching in this country. On the cold and foggy Namibian coast there are colonies of Cape Fur Seal that live off the nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean.

If you are thinking about visiting Namibia for a safari, you should probably take time to visit Cape Cross Seal Reserve, a great place to watch their behaviour. Don't forget to take a few days to explore the coast and embark on a sea safari to kayak with the seals. The place to go is Walvis Bay, just a few miles south of Swakopmund, the primary coastal resort of Namibia.

Once in Walvis Bay your tour guide will take you by 4x4 to a remote part of the coastline, right next to a seal colony. This is a great kayaking trip for beginners. The tour takes place in calm, shallow water and it is so crystal clear that you'll be able to see the seals frolicking under you. This is when your underwater camera is handy. You can just hold your camera underwater and hope the seals don't think it is a tasty sardine!

These guys are so curious that they'll surround your kayak and appear to be asking if you'd like to play with them. They surface like a periscope to check you out, and they swim after you when you leave, leaping out of the water as they follow.

After a few hours of seal fun, you'll be rewarded with soft drinks and delicious sandwiches while black-backed jackals trot along the beach. Other wildlife that you might spot are flamingos and dolphins.


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