Kathmandu cutlural tour of UNESCO Heritage site

Kathmandu cutlural tour of UNESCO Heritage site

As one of the oldest city in the world, Kathmandu have seen rise and fall of different regimes. However, surrounded by daunting mountains, it stayed aloof from the change that rest of the world went through. Different culture and spiritualism coexisted and nurtured until the date. 

A walk through the old towns and monuments of Kathmandu have lot to tell from Tantric eroticism to Hippys' counter cultural adventures

It is said that there are 10,000 Buddhists Chayattes in Kathmandu. Popular writers have quoted Kathmandu as 'A city where there are more temple than the houses.' and also 'In Kathmandu, Every next house is temple and every next day is festival'

A culture tour through Kathmandu will give you deeper insight of Vedic civilization and development of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantra. 

Tour could be combined with short trek in the outskirt. The surrounding forested mountains make a perfest short trek around Kathmandu valley. 159 sq. km area of forested hills in the north is being protected as Shivapuri national park. With the adjoining Langtang National park, Kathmandu can be a base camp for a longer trek into the Himalayas. 

5 days Kathmandu tour could be a complete Nepal experience with cultural sightseeing and short trek.