Highlights of Thailand Island Hopping

Highlights of Thailand Island Hopping

This is our recent trip to Phuket Thailand! What an amazing trip.

We snorkeled the Phi Phi Islands, bathed Elephants, and explored much of Phuket had to offer.

Ko Phi Phi

We spent one full day traveling to Ko Phi Phi where we swam with the fish, explored a cave, ate lunch on one of the most scenic spots in the world and took in the gorgeous water.


Phang Nga Elephant Camp

The following day we went to Phang Nga Elephant Camp where they take care of their Elephants, unlike many of the spots in Thailand. We fed them, bathed them, and spent the afternoon exploring their environment. What a great experience. 


Exploring Phuket

On the last day we chose to explore Phuket and in particular Bangla Street. Let me tell this is NOT for families. We went down it one time and at a relatively early time and it was an experience. Something you only need to do once and you have had your fill.


We spent four days in Thailand with our three young children and it was a great experience. I can't wait to go back!