Germany: The Travel Destination

Germany: The Travel Destination

Roaming all 16 states me and my fellow videomakers MikeMattyMark, Pablo can certainly say we are Germany travel experts by now.

The German National Tourism Board invited us to visualise 20 different travel spots spread throughout the country to celebrate 25 years of Reunification.

Before this project I’d never seen much of Germany, but now I can say that it is a travel destination with an extensive amount of amazing diversity in many senses. So many surprises to discover between bustling cityscapes and stunning landscapes.


A few highlights you might have never heard of:

– Have you ever heard of the white chalk cliffs of Rügen Island?
– Hainich forest: the largest forest that has an amazing treetop trail
– Saarschleife: The most photographed Ox bend river in Saarland
– Zollverein: an obsolete mine turned into a creative hotspot
– Sylt: The Kite paradise and dune oasis
– Ulm with its old fisherman’s quarter and the highest Minster in the world