FlashMob Venezuela

FlashMob Venezuela

What better reason to write about my country, that this wonderful video made by Froid International in association with Lara-Zulia Films, Hypermedia Communications, MontyCulebra and System of Youth Orchestras and Chorus of the Zulia state.

Venezuela, land of sun and sand, mountains and snow, plains, and tepuis of the world's largest green lung, this is my country! Land of friendly people, constructed eearly for every one of its inhabitants.

If you go down the street and listen to a "pana" to say "chévere", you're probably near a Venezuelan.
Pabellón, arepita, empanada, cachapa, mandoca, mondongo, pizca andina; una de dominó o reina pepiada.... Our gastronomic wealth is endless and varied.
With pleasure we will be waiting for you!


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