The Ferry Boats of Sokcho, Korea

The Ferry Boats of Sokcho, Korea

While on the hiking trip to Sokcho, I had some free time in the morning.

I decided to stroll not too far from the beach (about 1.5km) to check out the ?? (gaetbae), or ferry boats. The boats link Cheongho-dong and Joongang-dong.

They started transferring residents between the two districts during the occupation period when Sokcho was initially developed as a port city. The original gaetbaes were the size of one truck and two cars and operated continuously until the Korean War. Once the armistice was signed, operation resumed.

Roughly 200,000 local residents use the service daily while another 150,000 - 200,000 tourists take a ride. The service gained notoriety after being featured in the Korean drama "Autumn in my Heart" and the variety show "2 Days and 1 Night."

Paid service is 200?.


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