Exploring Seoul's Famous Gwangjang Market

Exploring Seoul's Famous Gwangjang Market

This week's Walk and Talk takes us to Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea.

It was the first market of its kind in Korea and continues on to this day. About half of the market is dedicated to fresh food and various dishes and the other half on some of the most amazing textiles in Seoul.

Today, I start off at North Exit 2 and make my way around the major arms of Gwangjang Market. Come along with me as I explore some great food stalls and then segue into awesome shopping areas where you can find everything from ready-to-wear items or bolts of fabric so you can do it yourself.

It was an awesome walking and shopping endeavor. And yes, I did pick something up. So let me know the answer to the question I posed at the end, "What's your ultimate shopping food?"


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