Exploring George Town, Malaysia on Foot

Exploring George Town, Malaysia on Foot

During our winter trip, Jo and I visited Malaysia. Part of our trip included a wonderful stay on the island of Penang.

We met up with a couple of subscribers who worked as tour guides in George Town (among other things) and they helped us learn all about this wondrous place.

Named after Britain’s King George III, George Town is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island. George Town was founded in 1786 by Captain Francis Light, a trader for the East India Company, as base for the company. He obtained the island of Penang from the Sultan of Kedah and built Fort Cornwallis, which became the nexus of a growing trading post.

George Town is a wonderful mix of cultures. Walking down the street you can see the old-style Chinese shop houses, the influence of the British, and sections of town carved out by other ethnic groups who settled there. What makes George Town so endearing to me are the number of coffee shops and places where one can simply sit and relax.

The city has done a magnificent job of preserving its history as well. Old stores are renovated, the sides of buildings are decorated with beautiful paintings, and history is told through ingenious wrought iron art installations.

The street food is delicious and ranges from savory glutenous rice balls, to crunchy peanut taffy, to magnificent noodle and rice dishes.