Breakfast on Heaven's Balcony in Modica, Sicily

Breakfast on Heaven's Balcony in Modica, Sicily

It's early in the morning.

Golden light blinds me when I pull up the curtains.

After my eyes have adapted I open the window when a fresh breeze softly blows a hand full of bird tweets in my face. I'm ready for breakfast in the garden. Some diluted violin strokes from the garden already meet me on the stairs.

The garden is grassy, lush, full of fruittrees and crispy flowers.

I get treated on an amazing panorama over a maze of little houses and churches at other side of the valley. It's like a big balcony.

Janina has set the table full of little edible presents. There is also jam, made from the figgs and plums that grow in the garden. I settle back to relax and tickle my senses.

This must be heavens' balcony.

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