Amalfi Coast, Italy on a Budget: Positano - 5 Travel Tips

Amalfi Coast, Italy on a Budget: Positano - 5 Travel Tips

Big & Small welcome you to southern Italy’s Campania region and the jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast!

Here are our tips on doing the Amalfi Coast on a budget:

1. Stay in Salerno: 

Located one town away from the official Amalfi Coast, Salerno has all the amenities and accessibility of a major city. By train, it’s directly linked to Rome (just under 3 hours), Naples (under 1 hour), and Pompeii (about 45 minutes). It’s a great place to catch a ferry or hop on a bus to easily reach the Amalfi towns. 


2. Eat Local Food: 

Campania is the home to some of Italy’s most famous culinary creations. This is the birthplace of pizza, of course, but it’s also where you want to try the creamy mozzarella di bufala and Big & Small’s favorite pastry, the inimitable sfogliatella! Look forward to some yummy food photos too.


3. Take the Bus to the Path of the Gods: 

Be sure to put a hike along the Amalfi Coast's Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei) on your bucket list. This 7.8-kilometer (4.8 Miles) path snakes along the cliffs, high above the sea, and it’s downright spectacular the entire way. 


4. Catch a Ferry to Amalfi Towns Like Positano:

Speaking of Positano, this is the Amalfi Coast town you’ll definitely want to see. From Salerno, you can catch a 70-minute ferry to Positano and this is an absolute must—you’ll see why in our video!


5. Walk from Salerno to the Amalfi Coast:

Forget public transportation, because you can even get to the Amalfi Coast by foot from Salerno. You'll love this walk as you will see tons of beauty and lots of historic buildings and cliffside views. 


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