6 Things To Do In Galle, Sri Lanka

6 Things To Do In Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle is a jewel  within Sri Lanka.

Since many tourists visit India instead of Sri Lanka, many people may overlook the splendor of Sri Lanka. The pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, offers many surprises that are shown in this video.


Here are 6 Things to Do in Galle, Sri Lanka:

1. Take a Local Train

The train from Colombo to Galle only costs aroud $1.50 USD. The ride is scenic and quite an experience as well.


2. Unawatuna Beach

The beach here is calm and filled with soft sand and warm waters. Only being around 10 nautical miles from the Equator, the beaches of Sri Lanka area are tropical paradises. 


3. Eat Local Food and Drink 

Sri Lankan curry is recommended as well as local coconut varieties. The food of Sri Lanka is distinct and on the whole mild and the people hospitable. 


4. Visit Sea Turtles

The Sea Turtle hatchery near Galle is only about $3.50 USD for entry. You get to touch and experience the sea turtles easily. 


5. See Wild Monkeys

Whether you are at the beach at Unawatuna or even in the colonial town of Galle, you will see wild monkeys. The monkeys may be climbing trees, scaling electricity lines, or just hanging out.


6. Jungle Beach

A hidden beach tucked away in a more secluded destination. This beach offers a more overgrown and tropical feel and a local experience because the beach is not as well known as Unawatuna Beach. Also, the beach is appreciated by locals.


Galle is an exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, grand mansions and museums.

Take the time to wander its rambling lanes and get the true flavor of this town.