3 Spooky Ghost Tours to Do in Melbourne Australia

3 Spooky Ghost Tours to Do in Melbourne Australia

Check of some of Melbourne most haunted spots with these 3 spooky tours. 

If you want to learn about some of Melbourne’s most haunted spots then check out this video.

While I didn’t capture any photos of ghosts or anything paranormal, on these tours they do show some photos of ghost that people have taken in the Old Melbourne Gaol and Pentridge Prison.


If you are looking for something different to do in Melbourne check out these creepy ghost tours. 

Old Melbourne Ghost tour

The first tour is of Old Melbourne Ghost tour which will take you around Melbourne’s haunted places around the city. Find out about the ghost at Flinders Street station or the haunted Young and Jackson Hotel. Learn about the Hosier Lane ghost and one of Melbourne’s most infamous ghosts of Frederici Baker who haunts the Princess Theatre on Spring Street. This tour is run by lantern tours, see video for more details and prices.


Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour

One of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions, this gaol is also said to be haunted. Hear ghostly stories from workers at the Old Melbourne Gaol. From door slamming by themselves to footsteps where no one is around. Old Melbourne Goal is a creepy place to visit at night. A great tour to do in Melbourne.


Pentridge Prison D Division Ghost Tour

This prison is said to be one of the most haunted places in Australia. When you do the tour of this dark and creepy prison you will feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Said to be haunted by Chopper Reed and the Brownout Strangler. This prison has some scary ghost stories. Take lots of photos you may see a ghost in Pentridge. Of the 3 ghost tours I found this the best. I highly enjoyed the tour, it was informative and interesting. 


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