Zlatibor Mountain: A Beautiful Serbian Resort

Zlatibor Mountain: A Beautiful Serbian Resort

The most famous tourist destination in Western Serbia of exquisite beauty, pleasant climate, Zlatibor is a mountain of vast pastures and streams.

A few winds are meeting exactly on this mountain, the famous tourist center.

What to see?

Sirogojno, The Old Village Museum

Museum “Staro selo” (meaning „old village“) in Sirogojno is a cultural monument in the Republic of Serbia and one of the most important tourist sights in Zlatibor. It is an ethno-village under the open sky, on 5 hectares of land, which consists of 50 old, authentic houses brought from all over the Zlatibor. The village was built in 1979, founded by the Yugoslav Republic Institute for Protection of Monuments with the aim of reviving typical Zlatibor’s households from the 19th century.

Stopića Cave

Stopića Cave is a river cave, through which the Trnava stream flows. It is 1691.5 m long, covering an area of 7911.5 m² and has a capacity of over 120,000 m³. The cave has impressive mouth from the right side of the river Pristavica. The entrance is at 711.18 meters above sea level, 35 m wide and 18 meters high. The limestone layer in the cave dates from the Triassic and is more than 100 m thick. The climate in the cave is under the influence of external climate, cold winters and warm summers.

Gostilje Waterfall

The Katusnica River very clean and ideal for fishing, since it is filled with trout. Numerous eddies of the Katusnica are the most beautiful natural pools. The smaller, Vrelo River, flows into Katusnica, where the waterfall is 20 meters high. The tourist complex Gostilje also has an old restored water mill where grain is ground, and nearby restaurants offer various local specialties, including trout, just fished out of the river. Besides the watermill, there are several rural mills and remnants of an old hydroelectric plant.

Jokino Vrelo

Around the lake Jokino Vrelo, which gets the water from small mountain rivers, there are paths and benches, a restaurant, bungalows and places specially designed for fishermen. This resort is a perfect choice for holidays with family and friends.



The closiest airport is “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, from there you have another 200 km to Zlatibor. There are regular bus lines from Belgrade bus station, with several departures during the day. We don’t recommend Serbian Railways, trains are often late, and the station is located 5-6 km from the center of Zlatibor. And of course, you can rent a car in Belgrade.



Anitours Agency, located in the shopping center, offers a wide selection of apartments, with or without meals, and they organize excursions.


Food and Drink

We recommend you to try the food typical of Zlatibor region. Due to the wind rose and beautiful pastures where animals eat fragrant grass, the most famous ham in the country is right from Zlatibor. We are sure that you will not resist “tobacco cracklings”, a special kind of pork  cracklings which received its name because of the unique appearance reminiscent of tobacco. 

Cheese lovers will also “smudge mustaches”, and you should definitely try and different types of milk cream. For breakfast try “komplet lepinja”, the energy bomb of milk cream, eggs and gravy that will keep your stomack full all day. The famous lamb roast in the village Mačkat is recommend to all gourmets. On Zlatibor’s market you can find different types of honey with dried nuts, as well as herbs harvested from the untached nature. Homemade brandy is the best heatee in cold winter days.