ZhangJiaJie - Hidden Gem of Chinese Scenery

ZhangJiaJie - Hidden Gem of Chinese Scenery

ZhangJiaJie is a small town located in Hunan Province, China.

Its location, central China, far from any other famous spots makes it a rare destination for most western travellers.

Yet its beauty could easily knock you out!


Let me introduce you to Pandora, imaginary land of floating mountains, so beautifully featured in American blockbuster Avatar (according to ZhangJiaJie National Park officials), it's hard to believe it's real. Visionary idea of space travel is hard to believe, and as far as general public know it is a fiction, but the mountains shown in Avatar are real (only not floating above the ground).


ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 and as such deserves attention from travellers around the world who fancy a breath-taking walk amongst rocks rocketing to the sky.

Sandstone pillars scattered accross the whole area can be taller than 1000 meters and ask for a good photographer to capture his or her shoot of a lifetime.


Nevertheless, it's not only the views, which will take your breath away, it's the heights.

Thanks to Chinese technology, or bravery, there is a cable car built to connect the town with the mountain range. They claim it's the longest cable car ride in the world and it will take you more than 800 meters above the ground. Then you will have a chance to walk on a serepntine of sidewalks mounted on a vertical cliff. If you are scared of heights, like I am, this is the best way to face your fears.

At one point you can even walk on the glass. Yes, you should get the idea of the feeling by now.


When I first went to ZhangJiaJie, I didn't even expect to see what I saw (have a look at the photos taken by me and Cez). Back then I worked for a school nearby (only 4 hours away, which in China is like on the same street) and the school administration decided to award us, teachers, a school trip to see the mountains.

Since then, I tell everyone to go to see Chinese Floating Mountains, I recommend it even more than seeing Beijing.


Have you ever heard of ZhangJiaJie?

Do you know any other place on this planet to see something as incredible as this? Please share it with us, I'd love to go there!