Zanzibar Island: A Place for Simply Wandering

Zanzibar Island: A Place for Simply Wandering

Zanzibar is comprised of a tiny cluster of islands located twenty five miles off the East African coast. The islands are a part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

I really like each and every crevice of this island group!

Everyone ought to visit Zanzibar a minimum of once!  Situated just a half-dozen degrees south of the Equator, it's known for its tropical climate and warm seas.  The main island - Zanzibar Island - which is regionally referred to as Ungula, is sixty miles long and twenty miles wide.

It's an area full of beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, small fishing villages, and warm turquiose waters full of sea turtles and whale sharks.  It's also known for its spices.


Stone City, the oldest city in East Africa, is a joy.



All guests arriving in Tanzania will require a visa, which can usually be acquired upon arrival at the airport.  Currently, a visa costs around $50 US and can only be purchased in cash so be sure that you have the appropriate amount of currency on you.  You'll also need to be able to prove that you have enough cash to cover you throughout the duration of your trip.

A yellow-fever vaccination certificate is additionally required if you're entering the country from an AN infected region.  Keep in mind that your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months from date of entry.

Aside from monsoon season (April to June), Zanzibar is an incredible destination to visit all year round.


Here are a few more facts about the island:

  • Stone Town is the ancient and splendidly picturesque capital of Zanzibar Island.
  • In general, Stone Town is traditional, fun and harmless during the day.  While you should always keep your wits about you, it's not particularly dangerous.  However, the area is best avoided once it gets dark.
  • All roads eventually merge into one another, therefore if you do get lost it won't be for long.  Locals are usually willing to help and will often volunteer to give directions if you seem lost. 


Good Manners

As always when traveling, bear in mind that you're a guest in a foreign country, this time one that's located in an East African country.  Respect local customs by keeping your knees and shoulders covered when you're not on the beach.  This is applicable to both genders.

If you'd like to take photos of the locals, first ask their permission.  This is a muslim country, and it's extraordinarily disrespectful to take photos, especially of girls or women, without first obtaining consent.



Coming back to the required Yellow-Fever vaccination, it's important to take the required precautions to guard against the protozoa virus.  Ensure that you've taken out travel insurance in case you fall ill - hospitals on the island aren't known for being high quality, and if you get sick you'll likely need to be flown out to receive treatment.  This can be extremely expensive, thus travel insurance is worth the associated fee.

It's a good idea to pack mosquito-repllent and use it readily, particularly after the sun sets in the evenings.  Prevention is always better than cure!



Outside of the necessary safety and health considerations, Zanzibar is a true paradise and a perfect honeymoon destination.  From here, it's easy to head to mainland Africa in order to experience game reserves such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater where you can spot the Big 5.

The island of Zanzibar itself is home to some of the nicest beaches and resorts in all of Africa and is known and loved for its turquoise waters, ocean life, and coral reefs.  Game fishing is very popular, in addition to snorkeling and scuba diving.