Yoyogi Park, Japan on Weekends

Yoyogi Park, Japan on Weekends

Have you ever seen a dog riding a skateboard?

At Yoyogi Park you will! It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo and on the weekends there is a very nice atmosphere which invites you to chill out with your friends. Old and young people meet here to have a picnic, play sports (especially Yoga) and simply enjoy life.

Moreover you can expect a lot of different styles of live music. In the streets around the park there are many great musicians and bands who play live music - it differs from Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop to Metal - just enjoy whatever you like and when you have enough, you just stop by at the next band. Beside that you can enjoy clowns, solo entertainers, pantomime and - of course - the skateboarding dog. Another highlight are the groups of Rock’n’Roll dancers.

The great thing about Japan's Yoyogi Park is the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, everyone respects each other. Worth a mention is that you can buy drinks (beer!) and food everywhere. For me Yoyogi Park is one of the best ways to spend a relaxed Sunday in this crazy city.


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