Your Journey To Dracula's Castle

Your Journey To Dracula's Castle

Everybody has heard already about the Count Dracula.

Since 1897, when the Irish Abraham Stoker wrote the horror novel “Dracula”, many movies have used the Dracula theme.


The legend of Count Dracula still has some true in it. 

Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler, with his real name Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Devil in original language) was the ruler of the former Romanian province Wallachia in the 15th century. His battles with the Turks made ??him a Christian hero.

Vlad was a man of ferocious cruelty and he used to impale his foes. Because he impaled thousands of enemies, people believed he was drinking blood instead of water. Even today, when people think someone should be punished more severely, exclaim “Where are you, Lord Impaler!?”.

One of the castles linked to the Dracula’s story, marketed as the residence of the vampire, is Bran Castle. It is situated on a hill in Carpathian mountains, in a small village and which can be visited individually or with a guide.


You can get there cheap and easy and I will explain you how, starting from Bucharest.

a) From Bucharest you’ll take a train or bus, pass through the beautiful Prahova Valley, and in less than 3 hours you reach Brasov. This old city is full of tourist attraction and if you do not hurry you may stop here for a couple of days. Train ticket cost about 11 euro and railway timetables can be found on the English version of the Romanian railways web site.

b) Second step is to reach Brasov 2 Bus Station (ask for “Autogara Brasov 2”) which can be done by taxi. It will cost you about 2-3 euros and I suggest you to ask before taking the taxi.

c) Buses run regularly in direction to Bran: every half hour or every hour on weekends, from morning to late evening, and cost about 2 euros. You can find the complete journey on Google maps.



You can search either in Bran or in Moieciu de Jos. Room rates vary between 70 and 350 RON (1 euro is about 4.5 RON) depending on the Accommodation unit and the period.


Brasov is beautiful! IT is know that the first settlers of Brasov were the Teutonic Knights, in 1211. Braving the dangers of the dark ages, especially the Mongol invasion, they lay the foundation of a new settlement which was given the Latin name of Corona. Source: